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We are a very experienced agency who works in this industry for more than 10 years, in a lot of different cities and countries around the world. We know perfectly how to handle intimacy, desire and companionship. We select every of our Russian escorts in Paris very carefully to provide the best possible service. We priorize quality against quantity.

Nowadays, we are offering you 96 stunning girls in Paris. You can take a look at the pictures & videos of our escorts to get an idea of what kind of beauties you can meet today. All of them are ready to please you and provide you the girlfriend experiece you are looking for. We are proud of them and we are sure they will satisfy all your needs and expectations.

We also love to know from you and be informed about how great was your date with any of our models. You can easily send your review from our website. And you can also read all the reviews of our Russian escorts in Paris to get more information about the girl you are dreaming to date.

We built for you a really easy way to book one of our stunning Russian escorts in Paris. You will just have to fill in the form below and we will assist you during all the process. We can assure you that booking your favourite model will be easier than choosing a girl from our gallery of Russian escorts in Paris.

Why choose Deluxe Paris escort?

Our management team have been operating escort agencies to high-class gentlemen for many years now, both here in the Czech Republic and also internationally.

We listen first, and speak later

We make sure to listen to our client’s needs first, and make suggestions later. We do not force our ideas of what a perfect date should look like, or which of our escorts are best suited to your particular requirements. Other escort agencies will try to send you whichever lady they have available and leave you to deal with the consequences. We know however that such meetings generate bad feelings in both the companion and most importantly the client, and is bad for everyone. Our client-centred focus ensures that we put your needs first.

Happy and fair working environment

One thing we have noticed in our years of running escort agencies is that the key to a happy date is a happy escort. You invest good money in a unique and uplifting experience, but all that can be ruined if the lady you meet is in a bad mood, is not focused on you, resents her agency or is inattentive to your needs. A big cause of such factors is that the agency may be treating her not so well, and her resentment towards the agency is directed towards you, the client. We commit therefore to treating our escort ladies with the utmost respect, fairness and high levels of two-way communication, so that they feel valued and respected, and will in turn transmit these values of respect and kindness to you, the client.

Strict selection criteria

As well as treating our escorts fairly, we also recognize that respect and kindness is a two-way street, and that no matter how hard we try to provide a good working environment to our girls, the ladies themselves must also be secure and happy in their own lives in order to give you the very best VIP escort experience whether in Paris or elsewhere. For this reason, we thoroughly vet all our ladies before we allow them to meet clients, to ensure that they are in the right state of mind to be your elegant companion for the night. We know that a happy and optimistic personality is 50% of a great escort encounter, so we look for this first in our courtesans, as part of our strict selection criteria. We also ensure that the other 50% is met. Of course this means that the lady must be attractive and presentable, with high standards of hygiene and demeanour so that you will enjoy every moment with her. Finally, we only accept high-class ladies with a certain standard of education and social behaviour, so that you will always be proud to be seen with the escort on your arm. We know that many of our clients reside in the top class hotels and apartments of Prague, and that you will not want to be associated with vulgar displays. We aim therefore, only for the best, in terms of looks, class and personality, to ensure you get the very best experience possible.

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